Lumen Studio

Hi! We are a product design and web development studio.

We work together from an idea to a fully functional product, producing B2B SaaS and B2C webapps. We worked for companies such as PayFit, BlaBlaCar and many more.

We are available for hire on projects that require both product design and web development. We are experts in React, React Native, Next.js and Gatsby.

What we worked on together

Who we are

Yann Pringault

Software Engineer
ex Tech Lead @ PayFit

Lucas Didier

Product Strategist & Designer
ex BlaBlaCar & PayFit

What we can offer

🎨 Designing a product from an idea to high-fidelity prototype

🔧 Coding this newly designed product from scratch

📈️ Implementing analytics and suggesting improvements

🤝️ Providing a smooth handover to your engineering team

We are a well-synched duo with complimentary skills and loads of experience working together, so by working with us you’ll avoid the usual friction/entry cost of a new collaboration and you’ll gain time and money ✌️